About Us

Staff oriented
Judge capability of staff by achievement
Offer the best employee with the most resources
Provide distinct and timely reward as well as penalty
Encourage innovation and set up an atmosphere of open, trust and respect

Human Resource View

IKC is a professional bearing industrial company with a lot of staffs. We believe our staff is the base to realize the target of business and development. As IKC's staff, we trust our company's function, regard us a unity with our company and strive for it.
In order to achieve it, we pueposefully establish and develop company culture with our own feature, which is the approbatory value concept in IKC and an ethics formed in a long period.
We appreciate a relationship of politeness, respect and harmony between chairman and staff, senior and junior as well as staff and staff.
We honor every customer.
Our staff are the most important customers to us.
We try best to let every staff understand our goal and plan.
IKC is a team of close cooperation and commutative help.
Company's interest is also our interest.
We create the best condition for our best staff disregard of gender and age.
We appreicate directly outspoken comminication and sincerity.
We respect each advise from our staff.
We thanks for those who have served IKC for a long time.
We attach importance to new employees for they stand for our future.
We are proud of our company and we publicize company's good reputation.
We keep on improving despite the previous achievement.
We tresure up and protect company property.
We point out company shortcoming and participate in improvement.