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Clutch Release Bearings

IKC Automotive Bearings is famous at Clutch Release Bearings in China,we have been develop more than 280 kinds of Clutch release bearings for automotive. IKC  Bearings possess the advanced clutch-bearing life testing machine, specialize in testing clutch release bearingss for OEM & OES order requestion.

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Front Wheel Bearings

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IKC Auto Bearings mainly develop and produce wheel bearings for rear,hub wheel bearings for rear.Wheel bearings..

Air Conditioner Bearings

IKC Auto Bearing Professional manufacturer of Air-Conditioner Bearing, Air Conditioner Bearings, Air bearings allow designers leverage for precision and high-speed applications. Unlike contact roller bearings, air bearings utilize a thin film of pressurized air to provide a frictionless load-bearing interface between surfaces that would otherwise be in contact with each other. Since air bearings are non-contact, they avoid the traditional bearing-related problems of friction, wear, and the need for a lubricant. Air bearings offer distinct advantages in precision positioning and high-speed applications.