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Agricultural Bearing Solutions

The IKC Agricultural line of bearings is focused on providing the features and benefits that allow our customers to exceed the expectations of today and prepare for the increased demands of tomorrow. The IKC Agricultural Product line of bearings and assemblies are designed to meet the regional and global requirements of this demanding application. IKC offers a complete range of standard and proprietary bearings and assemblies.

Our full line product offering includes:

  • Disc Harrow

  • Flanged Disc

  • Agricultural bearings including round, square bore, hex bore, and hex bore conveyor bearings

Agricultural machinery bearings act as a supporting component of rotation axis or removable part on many machinery such as agricultural truck, tractor, diesel engine, motor, and thresher etc.

Agricultural machinery bearings have a good sealing performance.


Tailor-made solutions increase service life

Dirt, moisture, abrasion and high mechanical loads: driving elements in agricultural machinery and the associated mounted implements are subject to severe strain. The bearings used also have to be tailored to these conditions. It is possible to increase the drive systems’ useful life by selecting the ideal bearings or using customised engineering. Special attention should be paid to the materials and seals.

From the tractor – that universal workhorse – to combine harvesters, field choppers, beet harvesters and the many mounted implements for jobs such as ploughing, harvesting and fertilising, the drive systems for mobile agricultural engineering machines use bearings. These bearings have to operate in more extreme conditions than those used for many other applications.